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Worksheets For Self Care

I’ve been working on some worksheets to help with mental health and self care 💖

I wanted to do a few different styles, some written word and some more artistic. Let me know if they help, and if you have any ideas for future work sheets please feel free to contact me.

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XWXW appears on Uncustomary’s podcast

Listen to me and the wonderful Mary talk about mental health in childhood, stigmas, body positivity and more in the latest episode of her podcast – Uncustomary Love.


5 Things Using A Mood Tracker Has Taught Me

In January 2018 I began using a mood tracker on my phone. My mental health was slipping and I was on a new anti depressant for the first time in years after experiencing some extreme mood swings over the Christmas holidays.

Tracking my mood seemed like a sensible move, but it actually ended up teaching me a lot more about myself.

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Review: Journey App


Journey is a new app built by 2 App Studio. In its simplest form, Journey is a private journal app; but it’s actually so much more than that. With the ability to integrate with your social, health apps and your chosen cloud, the Journey app is a completely backed up private world all about you.

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The Psychological Equivalent of A Burn Patient

Perhaps the hardest things for me to deal with (as someone with BPD) are emotions. So often I feel completely powerless to them. Most days I feel like everything is dialed up to eleven, and if I feel something I’m going to feel it completely.

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